Improving jobs and qualifications – New jobs

By operating the routes with new generation vehicles, more efficient operating methods can be used that are more suited to the demand (intervals, service hours, etc.), to options for modernising the pricing system, to improving staff working conditions, etc. However, these developments could not be fully effective without improving the qualifications and skills.

Training initiatives should enhance the qualifications of drivers (e.g. with the issuing of a specific licence for professional drivers of urban passenger transport vehicles), conductors (given that their job is changing to accommodate a new pricing system), maintenance personnel (cf. the amendments made to the legislative and regulatory texts), and all the other stakeholders involved in operating and developing the transport system.

The recruitment policy issue (if required) is also dealt with upstream. This raises the question of the treatment of workers in the paratransit sector, particularly if a transition plan is being contemplated for the sector that takes paratransit into consideration.

Related questions

  • Have training/proficiency programmes  been established for each category of staff?
  • For certain professions, including those with a strong security component (drivers), is an official document to be issued at the end of the course that gives access to these professions?
  • Is there an inventory of jobs with opportunities for advancement (e.g. conductors) and jobs to be created?
  • The public authorities (e.g.  ministry responsible for vocational training) are they involved in these developments and the related training needs?
  • Regarding the professions with a large workforce that are to be mobilised as a priority, have the practical measures for implementing these training programmes been defined?
  • What recruitment policy should be adopted (if applicable) and what role is to be given to the workers of the paratransit sector (if the project is accompanied by a transition and professionalisation plan for the paratransit sector)