Invitation to tender procedure

In addition to the technical aspects, it is necessary to define the regulatory field governing the procurement process and set out the rules for superior transparency. What is the reference regulation; is the invitation to tender specific to the country where it is launched or is it part of an international procedure? What are the rules of the invitation to tender: who can bid, what is the planning for the invitation to tender, what rules govern the bid analysis, how are the prices presented? What arrangement is there for the financing? (cf. “Financial arrangement – Mobilisation of financing”)

Related questions

  • Is the regulatory field  clearly defined?
  • Are the rules of the game rigorously defined? Do they ensure transparency such that the bidders have a fair chance?
  • Are the key features of the financial arrangement defined and can they be communicated?
  • In practice, do I plan to use a national procurement office?
  • In the absence of a central procurement office at state level, is it possible to create one to support this vehicle acquisition project?


  • The next step: Defining a procedure with the standard regulatory field (what is the procurement policy?)