The acquisition of new vehicles must fall within the national and international  legislative and regulatory framework regarding the conditions for awarding contracts, including the invitation to tender obligation.

A competitive bidding process involving invitations to tender (based on specifications tailored to the specific requirements of the project) leads to technically reliable bids at market prices.

The institutional and technical assessments, technical specifications and accompanying measures have identified the needs, defined the objectives and specified the major components of the project (cf. “Governance and context” and “Acquiring new vehicles“).

Based on this, the next step will be to:

  • start the search/selection process for manufacturers able to provide vehicles that meet the requirements of the technical specifications with acceptable price levels, lead times, warranty periods and maintenance support periods; add to the technical specifications, given the proposals made by the manufacturers, if necessary
  • Setting up the invitation to tender procedure
  • Building and validating the financial arrangement as well as  mobilising the resources.