Existing bus fleet : inventory and outlook

  • Having an accurate diagnostic assessment of the vehicle fleet:
    • number by type, age, availability for operations, bus downtime rate for maintenance,
    • condition of bodywork and interior fittings,
    • main causes of unavailability.
  • Having an inventory:
    • strengths to be consolidated/developed,
    • the most problematic weaknesses for the running of the network, implying corrective measures should to be taken urgently.

Related questions

  • Are the strengths of the fleet strong enough to improve the offer on the current routes? If not, what actions are in progress or ready to start in addition to the acquisition of vehicles?
  • Is there a multi-year estimate of vehicle needs for the current linear renewal of the network (including increases to the offer) on the one hand, and for route extensions and/or creations on the other hand?
  • Are the weaknesses, that are damaging the productivity of the existing fleet of vehicles, also likely to pose problems for that of new vehicles? ; Is there a corrective action programme to be initiated at the same time (particularly with regard to maintenance)?