The operating environment at the service of the operator

It mainly involves improving the operating performance of the routes that must cope with road congestion. It also focuses on the ability to design and modify the transport offer in complex urban environments, and growing and diverse needs for mobility. Finally, it includes tools for protecting the safety of people and goods.

Related questions

  • Have efforts been made to optimise the offer?
  • Are plans in place for a network security system (on-board video protection, at the terminus, etc.) ?
  • Have the operating and maintenance policies been defined?
  • Have the more recent innovations made available by digital technology been considered?
  • Is a project in place for implementing a Système d’Aide à l’Exploitation (operational assistance system) or adapting/improving an existing SAE?


  • The next step: Operating equipment (street furniture, accessibility of bus stops, ticketing system, Système d’Aide à l’Exploitation et d’Information Voyageurs (operating assistance and traveller information system)).
  • The next step: Operations and maintenance policy
  • The next step: Opportunities related to digital technology