Characteristics of the local context (physical environment)

The choice of rolling stock will depend on the characteristics of the local context. There are specific features related to traffic conditions, i.e. operating conditions, past projects that yielded unsatisfactory results or even had to be abandoned, the fear of change among operators as well as travellers (regarding profitability for the former, and not always finding a seat on the bus for the latter), etc.

Related questions

  • Have I already identified elements about the local context that could narrow down the range of possible vehicles:
    • from the point of view of the local climate (Sahelian, tropical, equatorial, etc.) and the resulting meteorological phenomena (extreme heat, dust, humidity, monsoon or flooding episodes, etc.),
    • from the point of the geographical context : plain, hills with or without steep gradients, etc.,
    • from the point of view of the urban environment: width of traffic lanes, sharp bends, road surface types and quality, etc.;
    • from the point of view of energy resources: what fuels are available (petrol, gas, etc.) and with what supply channels?
  • Given this context, should certain technical options (suspension, drive train, etc.) be excluded?
  • Conversely, should certain security-related options in particular be included?
  • Has a preliminary inventory of road improvements been undertaken on the routes where the new vehicles will be assigned and, if not, how can this be done?