The next step:Interest in continuously monitoring operations, over the short and long term

As mentioned in the previous section about controlling and monitoring operating activities, the operator must produce a dashboard to monitor its activity and report to the transport organizing authority. This dashboard will be designed by the operator along with the authority. The indicators in this dashboard will be recorded monthly by the operations director or a management controller of their team, based on the data to be collected monthly.

By creating insightful indicators, the organising authority and its operator can define which objectives are important to them in relation to the renewal of the bus fleet. This dashboard is used to establish a basis for dialogue between the two. Should the organising authority want it, some of these indicators could also be used to relate to elected officials or residents of the agglomeration if necessary.

It is important that this dashboard and its indicators are designed as a truly useful and pragmatic tool for everyone. They provide a genuine aid for continuously improving bus network operations by improving the transport offer and using it properly given the resources put in place (good match between the transport offer and its passenger numbers, profitability of the system, efficiency, etc.)